Undergrad Prof, Aquatic Ecologist & Chocolate Educator
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Welcome to my website!  With the rise of social media and the growing importance of science communication, I started to think more holistically about my life as an educator – both in and out of the classroom.  From there, my brand emerged and “ProfRomi” materialized as a means to consolidate and connect all of my interests.  I seek to teach with passion, mentor student researchers on work with apple snails amidst the complex scientific process, develop a deep study of chocolate and do what I can to enjoy life, particularly with my fuzzy companions Twinkie and Cupcake.  ProfRomi seems like the right identity to pull it all together.  Hope you make connections here too!
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Professor at Southwestern University with Personal & Academic Interests in all Things Chocolate.

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Romi L. Burks, PhD

Professor of Biology
Co-Chair, Interdisciplinary Programs, Animal Behavior &
Environmental Studies

Southwestern University
1001 East University Ave.
Georgetown, TX 78626
Office: (512) 863-1280