Innovative Teaching: ProfRomi Video Series

As part of developing my teaching at Southwestern University, I have created two series of @ProfRomi videos to help enrich student skills.  You can find these videos on YouTube.

SERIES 1 – Teachable Moments in Biodiversity


Episode 1 – How to tell a Biologically Plausible Just So Story

Episode 2 – Great Chains of Thinking (concept mapping)

Episode 3 – How to Make Sense out of a Wild and Crazy Protist Group (slide making)

Episode 4 – How to create a BAM Exam Question (Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Episode 5 – Go Invertebrate (Animal classification game)



SERIES 2 – Making the Point: Unlocking Madness behind Methods

Episode 1 – Yes, having the period there really does make a difference: Conquering citation

Episode 2 – Grammar Up! Active voice saves words

Episode 3 – How degrees of freedom remind me of Minions: How to put them to work for you

Episode 4 – How to succeed in Methods by really trying: Annotate statistics. Write results.